TM 5 workshop; Global Networks, Local Pioneers: Gendered Perspectives on social activism, work and political engagement in and from South Asia; 23 and 24 February 2023

2-Day Workshop in New Delhi

Date: 23 and 24 February 2023

Cooperation partners: ICAS:MP New Delhi, DFG project “Hidden Histories”, RePLITO (Beyond Social Cohesion: Repertoires of Living Together)


The two-day event focuses on gendered engagement in social and political activism as well as on gendered work experiences in and from South Asia. We are interested in understanding the two-fold dynamics of how local pioneers intervene(d) in and shape(d) transnational debates and how global engagement became/becomes localized. As ideologies, critique and visions travel, professional and activist networks and solidarities have developed across borders and helped to forge new global alliances. The aim of the workshop is to discuss these dynamics and networks through a gendered perspective.

Interested participants can register till 13 February at

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