ICAS:MP Autumn School 2023- ‘Decolonization/Decolonial: Thinking across Disciplines and Geo-Histories’

Date: 11–21 September 2023

Venue: CSDS, Delhi


The 2023 autumn school of the M.S. Merian – R. Tagore International Centre of Advanced Studies ‘Metamorphoses of the Political’ (ICAS:MP) is designed to offer broad-based theoretical training to doctoral researchers and enhance methodological competence. This year’s theme is ‘Decolonization/Decolonial: Thinking across Disciplines and Geo-Histories’.

The need to decolonize knowledge is universally felt. However, what it means to decolonize thought is a matter of intense debate. In this autumn school, we discuss diverse ways in which scholars and activists have thought of this question – in different geo-historical regions of the world and across disciplines of study, thus bringing a comparative perspective to bear upon the issue of decolonization/decoloniality. The question at the heart of the school is how to move forward from the moment of a critique of Eurocentrism to a positive and substantial rethinking of the academy on a planet faced with climate and refugee crisis, pandemics, universal financialization, data extraction, resurgent nationalism and political authoritarianism. Debates from the Global South will play a central role in our deliberations.

Some ideas for topics

• Coloniality versus colonialism(s)

• Postcolonial and/or decolonial thought

• Diverse decolonial experiences in Africa, Latin America and Asia

• Decolonizing political theory

• Translation, literature and language

• Decolonizing society and sociology

• Economics and decolonization

• Technology and decolonization

• Deep ecology and decolonization

Resource persons represent various disciplinary and regional backgrounds. Some of our resource persons are Alejandro de Oto (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas ye Tecnicas [CONICET], Buenos Aires), David Scott (Columbia University, New York), Kai Kresse (Leibniz Zentrum Moderner Orient [ZMO], Berlin), Suren Pillay (University of the Western Cape), Priya Kumar (University of Delhi), and Baidik Bhattacharya (Centre for the Study of Developing Societies) and Prathama Banerjee (Centre for the Study of Developing Societies).


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