Fellows’ Colloquia and Presentations (25 February 2020) Winter Term 2019 – 20

25 September: Introductory Colloquium for Fellows

10 October: Amrita Dhillon (TM6 Fellow): Inclusive growth: Empowering women in India’s growth trajectory

22 October: Arnaud Kaba (TM2 Fellow): Of glass, skills and life: representations of work and popular urban cultures among Firozabad’s glass workers

5 November: Ravi Shankar Jayaram (TM2 Fellow): Democratic political institutions, affordable housing policies and the BJP’s multi-ethnic coalitional transformation in urban north India

19 November: Anindita Chatterjee (TM5 Fellow): Uneasy Coexistence: Religion and Patterns of Exclusion of Migrant Female Domestic Workers in Homes and Public Spaces

25 November: Professor Ute Frevert (Max-Planck-Institute for Human Development, Berlin) on The Politics of Humiliation: Historical Trajectories

3 December: Sushmita Pati (TM3 Fellow): Between ‘Ownership’ and ‘Belongingness’: Uneven Terrains of Capital and Community Relationships in Urban Delhi

21 January: Shirin M. Rai (TM5 Fellow): Depletion: the human cost of caring

Sujoy Dutta (TM6 Fellow): Does Better Information Lead to Lower Corruption? Evidence from Uttar Pradesh, India

27 January: MWS IBO and ICAS:MP Joint Colloquium for Fellows with Sebastian Conrad

25 February: Presentation of Fellows Cohort 2019-2020 (9.30 am – 6.30 pm) – Programme

24 March:  Jean-Philippe Dedieu (TM1 Fellow): ‘Afro-Asian’: The Indian Uses of an Intellectual and Political Category in Times of African Decolonization, 1947-1962

Venue: ICAS:MP office

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