ICAS:MP-CSDS Lecture by Shirin M. Rai (ICAS:MP Fellow) on 6 February

The Politics of Lament

6 February 2020

Venue: CSDS, Seminar Room, 4:30 pm onwards

Chair and Discussant: Ravikant (Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi) 

Abstract: This lecture focuses on the representation of grieving rather than (as per Butler) on those who are grievable; on those who grieve and the contexts in which they grieve and how we make sense of the politics of that grieving. While Das’s work (2007) alerts us to the gender division of labour that situates mourning on the axis of the everyday – keeping the household functioning – my concern is with a different everyday – the salience for understanding international relations as well as the cultural economy of grief through the representations of lament.

Shirin M. Rai studied at the University of Delhi (India) and Cambridge University (UK) and joined the University of Warwick in 1989. She is Professor in the department of Politics and International Studies. She is the Director of the Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development. Her research interests are in performance and politics, political institutions and the political economy of development.  Her latest book is Performing Representation: Women Members in the Indian Parliament (with Carole Spary; OUP, 2019). As Senior Fellow at ICAS:MP, Professor Rai will be working on her forthcoming book Depletion: The Human Costs of Caring. She is keen to interact with early career researchers and colleagues working in the broad field of international political economy and gender and politics.

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