Fellows’ Colloquia and Presentations 2020/2021

ICAS:MP’s Fellows’ Colloquia are held every year with the cohort of fellows selected for the respective year. Fellows introduce their projects and preliminary research in the colloquium as well in the presentations held in the beginning of their fellowship tenure. Please find below the list of colloquia planned with our current cohort (2020/2021):


7 January: Introduction to research at ICAS:MP by Laila Abu-Er-Rub

14 January: Introduction of Fellows and their research projects to ICAS:MP directors and members

4 February: Reading Session: Prathama Banerjee’s (TM1 Fellow) latest book Elementary Aspects of the Political: Histories from the Global South

16 February: Deepa Das Acevedo (TM3 Fellow): The Battle for Sabarimala

4 March: Prathama Banerjee (TM1 Fellow): History of Religion’ as Political Critique: Ambedkar and his Contemporaries

8-9 March: Fellows’ Presentations

11 March: Prabhat Kumar (TM1 Fellow): Republican Pasts and Socialist Futures: Socialist Reconfigurations of Indian Past in Hindi Literary Sphere

25 March: Kena Wani (TM3 Fellow): Broadcasting (rural) Development: Big Science, Televisual Pedagogy and Techno-Managerialism in Western India, 1960s-1970s.

15 April: Shireen Mirza (TM2 Fellow): Caste and Urban Infrastructure: Waste-work and animal slaughter on the margins of Mumbai

22 April: Anuj Bhuwania (TM3 & TM4 Fellow): Transformative Constitutionalism and Authoritarian Populism in India: The 42nd Constitutional Amendment of 1976

27 May: Liza Von Grafenstein (TM6 Fellow): Urbanization – Opportunity or Challenge for Child Health in India

3 June: Rashmi Singh (TM3 Fellow): Satta and Sangathan – Political Power, Organizational Politics, and the Race for Party Tickets in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

10 June: Aheli Chowdhury (TM3 Fellow): Transforming Democracy: Sociological Study of Contemporary Student Movements in India and its Interaction with Media

17 June: Heena (TM5 Fellow): The Working Women in Pre-Modern India (1750s-1850s)

22-24 June: Fellows’ Presentations


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