TM5 Workshop: Listen to the Global South! Uncovering the Roles of Southern Actors in Writing Global Gender Norms; 1-2 December 2021; Online

Organised by ICAS:MP’s thematic module ‘The Challege of Gender’ (TM5)

In spite of the diversity in the roles and backgrounds of gender advocates, global gender norms are often associated with cultures and intellectual traditions of the Global North and are thought to be written predominantly by Northern actors. This is reflected also in the discipline of International Relations; gender-related research from the Global South does not receive due attention in mainstream scholarship.

An overview of the theories and practices underpinning globally negotiated gender norms suggests that roles played by various transnational or international actors from the Global South – be it feminist networks, “femocrats”, specific state actors or international institutions – have been underestimated or sidelined, if not ignored.

The workshop seeks to spotlight the persistent marginalization of the Global South in the narratives on global gender norms and the reasons for, and implications of, the same. It also aims to recognize and evaluate efforts to address these concerns. By focusing especially on the role of the Global South, this workshop would bring to fore a dimension of the evolution of global gender norms that has not received sustained attention in IR scholarship.

The full program is available here:

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