CSDS – Bioscope: South Asian Screen Studies Special Issue with contributions from ICAS:MP members

ICAS:MP members of the thematic module 7 (TM7: Media and the Constitution of the Political) and thematic module 1 (TM1: History as a Political Category)  have contributed towards the special issue of Bioscope: South Asian Screen Studies which is a screen media research journal for the South Asian region brought out by Sarai project of CSDS in collaboration with the University of Westminster, London. It is a biannual peer-reviewed journal is published by Sage India. This initiative grew out of the significant output  of research, teaching, and publications on South Asian and particularly Indian film and media over the past decade and a half. Ravi Vasudevan is the founder of this journal.

It is dedicated to exploring key ideas, categories and debates raised in South Asian screen studies, and its significance for the wider field. Following ICAS:MP members have written short essays on key concepts in this journal: Ravi Sundaram (our current co-director), Ravi Vasudevan (TM7 Module Coordinator and TM1 member), Ravikant (TM1 member) and Lotte Hoek  (TM7 member). For more details, please visit https://journals.sagepub.com/toc/bioa/current.

This special issue, called “The Keywords Issue”, will be available in a few days as open access for a 60 day period.

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Himanshu (2021, December 15). CSDS – Bioscope: South Asian Screen Studies Special Issue with contributions from ICAS:MP members. ICAS:MP. Retrieved June 21, 2024, from https://doi.org/10.58079/rfb0

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