Book Reviews

Metamorphoses of the Political: Multidisciplinary Approaches

Shail Mayaram: The Secret Life of anOther Indian Nationalism: Transitions from the Pax Britannica to the Pax Americana
The Book Review, 46:5, May 2022

Sebastian Schwecke: Debt, Trust, and Reputation. Extra-legal Finance in Northern India
The Book Review, 46:12, December 2022
Social change, 53:4, November 2023

Sushmita Pati: Properties of Rent: Community, Capital and Politics in Globalising Delhi
National Law School Journal, 16:1, July 2022
Doing Sociology, November 2022
Doing Sociology Book Discussion, July 2022
Society and Space, 40:6, November 2022
Bangalore International Centre, Book Discussion

Thomas Blom Hansen and Srirupa Roy (eds): Saffron Republic: Hindu Nationalism and State Power in India
Sapience Institute, September 2022

The Book Review, 46:12, December 2022
Journal of Hindu Studies

Amrita Basu and Tanika Sarkar: Women, Gender and Religious Nationalism in India
The Book Review, 47:1, January 2023

Ritajyoti Bandyopadhyay: Streets in Motion: The Making of Infrastructure, Property and Political Culture in Calcutta in the Twentieth Century
Doing Sociology, January 2023
Doing Sociology Book Discussion, October 2022
Frontier Weekly, 55:14-15, October 2022
Society and Culture in South Asia, Vol 9, Issue 1
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
Antipode Online

Rajan Krishnan, Ravi Sriramachandran and VMS Subagunarajan: Rule of the Commoner: DMK and Formations of the Political in Tamil Nadu, 1949-1967
The Wiire, 26 July 2022
Kizhakku Today, 15 July 2022

Politics and Society in India and the Global South

Anandita Bajpai: Cordial Cold War: Cultural Actors in India and the German Democratic Republic
H-Soz-Kult, September 2022

Kalpana Kannabiran, Florian Hoffmann and Bettina Hollstein: Discourses on Corruption: Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Perspectives
Social Change, 52:4, December 2022

Jan Lucassen and Radhika Seshan: Wage Earners in India 1500-1900: Regional Approaches in an International Context
International Review of Social History, 67:3, December 2022

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