Events 2018

Brief Summary


For ICAS:MP, its third year of operation will again be quite an eventful one. The Centre is currently preparing for the Evaluation of its first three-year pre-phase (July 2015 – June 2018) and for its up-coming Main Phase (July 2018 onwards).

Again, many of the Thematic Modules (TMs) have planned to conduct a series of internal events. Most of them are being hosted by ICAS:MP’s partner institutes in Delhi (IEG, CSDS) and Kolkata (at CSSSC). Some of the junior fellows appointed 2017 will continue to stay in 2018, and pilot project will continue, as well. In addition, the first Winter School will take place at Goettingen University.


Events 2018
 Winter School 2018 



Inaugural Meeting ICAS:MP

Populism and the Shifting Coordinates of the Political

Date: March 14/16, 2018

Location: IIC, New Delhi


TM 1  Internal Meeting

Selling history: tourist guides, bazaar histories, and the politics of the past. Some preliminary reflections

Date: March 17, 2018

Location: IIC, Delhi


TM 4  Internal Meeting

Limited Success of Egalitarian Programmes

Date: March 19/20, 2018

Location: Council for Social Development, Hyderabad


TM 5  Internal Meeting

Gender, Civil Society, and the Role of the State

Date: March 19/20, 2018

Location: CSDS, Delhi


TM 2 Internal Meeting (TBC)

Extended Archives of Indian Labour

Date: March 29 2018

Location: V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, Noida (TBC)


TM 6 Internal Meeting

Central Banking in a Financialised World

Date: May / June 2018

Location: Erfurt



Former Events:


TM 6  Internal Meeting      Concept Note

Political Economy of Sub-National Regions. Comparative Studies of Indian States

Date: January  11/12, 2018

Location: CSSSC, Kolkata (Lake Terrace and new Campus)


TM 3  Winter School

Transregional Perspectives on Inherited Inequalities

Date:  January 8-14, 2018

Location: Goettingen University, CeMIS