Fellows 2018/2019

ICAS:MP Fellows in the Academic Year 2018/2019

TM 1:

Dr. Arua Oko Omaka (Fellow): State Denialism: The Biafra Genocide And The International Observer Team

Dr. Arun Kumar (Fellow): The Politics of Recognition and Beyond: The Uses of History by Labouring Caste Communities in Modern India

Prof. Dr. Tanika Sarkar (Senior Fellow): Birth of a Genre: History-writing and Identity-formation among Modern Bengali Hindus

TM 2:

Dr. Ranjan Ghosh (Fellow): Defining Moments: Transformation of Contemporary Class and Caste Politics in the Jharia Coalfields

Prof. Dr. Dorothee Wierling (Senior Fellow): Oral History in India. Fields, theories and practices

Prof. Dr. Jan Lucassen (Senior Fellow): Extended Archives of Indian Labour: Early Modern Labour History of India

TM 4:

Dr. Éva Rozália Hölzle (Fellow): Imaginations of Good and Bad across Generations: The Family as a Site of Moral Transformations

Dr. Arvind Elangovan (Senior Fellow): Minorities and the Indian Constitution: Towards a Dialogue between the Historical and the Normative

TM 5:

Dr. Elena Valdameri (Fellow): Physical Education and Femininity in India (1900s – 1950s): Global Trends and Local Politics towards Crafting Women Citizens

Dr. Christa Wichterich (Senior Fellow): Who Cares? Care Extractivism, State & Gendered Subjectivities in India – The Case of Scheme Workers and Nurses

TM 6:

Dr. Sumit Mishra (Fellow): Diversity Debit Hypothesis

ICAS:MP Fellows 2018-19 (picture: PhotoWala-Preserving Your Precious Moments). From left to right: Elena Valdameri, Éva-Rozália Hölzle, Sumit Mishra, Arvind Elangovan, Ranjan Ghosh, Arun Kumar, Jan Lucassen, Dorothee Wierling, Christa Wichterich, Tanika Sarkar and Arua Oko Omaka)
ICAS:MP fellows and members during the ICAS week in February in the project office (picture: Dr. Karin Klenke). From left to right: Arun Kumar, Christa Wichterich, Prabhu Mohapatra, Aditya Sarkar, Ranjan Ghosh, Elena Valdameri, Chitra Joshi and Rana Behal
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