Fellows 2020/2021

ICAS:MP Fellows in the Academic Year 2020/2021

TM 1:

Dr. Prabhat Kumar (Fellow): Republican Pasts and Socialist Futures: Socialist Reconfigurations of Indian Past in Hindi Literary Sphere

Prof. Dr. Prathama Banerjee (Senior Fellow): ‘History of Religion’ as Political Critique: Ambedkar and his Contemporaries

TM 2:

Dr. Shireen Mirza (Fellow): ‘Caste and Urban Infrastructure: Waste-work and animal slaughter on the margins of Mumbai‘

TM 3:

Dr. Aheli Chowdhury (Fellow): Transforming Democracy: Sociological Study of Contemporary Student Movements in India and its Interaction with Media

Dr. Kena Wani (Fellow): Pedagogies of Development, Conceptions of Efficiency: Techno-managerialism and the History of Rural Development in Western India

Dr. Rashmi Singh (Fellow): Satta and Sangathan – Political Power, Organizational Politics, and the Race for Party Tickets in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Prof. Dr. Deepa Das Acevedo (Senior Fellow): Constitutional Morality for a Contested Age

TM 3 & TM 4:

Prof. Dr. Anuj Bhuwania (Senior Fellow): Transformative Constitutionalism and Authoritarian Populism in India: The 42nd Constitutional Amendment of 1976

TM 5:

Dr. Heena (Fellow): The Working Women in Pre-Colonial Awadh (1750s–1850s)

TM 6:

Dr. Liza Von Grafenstein (Fellow): Parental Beliefs and Investment Decisions Under Competition


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