Fellows 2023/2024

ICAS:MP Fellows in the Academic Year 2023/2024

TM 1:

Dr. Thomas John Herzmark (Fellow): The long history of economic and social development in rural India through local networks and cultural categories

Dr. Bhargav Rani (Fellow): Banarasipan as Revelation: Performance of Historical Consciousness in Everyday Life


Dr. Manisha Sethi (TM 3 & 4 Senior Fellow): Enemies of the State: The Citizenship Question in anti-terror Laws

Dr. Souvanik Mullick (Fellow): Transport Democracy: Small Scale Transport Operators and Political Action in Delhi

TM 4:

Prof. Dr. Martin Gaenszle (Senior Fellow): Satyahangma Dharma: a new religion in the Singalila borderland (India/ Nepal)

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Krämer (Senior Fellow): Religious bond, political commitment, and the issue of secularity in Islam

Dr. Alastair McClure (Fellow): Incarcerating the Innocent: Liberty, Detention and Empire

Dr. Vivek V. Narayan (Fellow): Stolen Fire: Caste Scripts and Anti-Caste Politics in South India, 1806-1941

TM 5:

Dr. A.Suneetha (Senior Fellow): Gender on the Move: Migration, Sexuality and Violence in Telangana

Dr. Dharashree Das (Fellow): Narratives of Family Building and Planning of Muslim Migrants in Low-Income Neighbourhoods in Delhi

Dr. Lars Aaberg (Fellow): Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate India: Case Studies

TM 6:

Dr. Nitya Mittal (Fellow): Exposure to Heavy Metals and health outcomes in Rural-Urban interface of Bangalore, India

TM 7:

Dr. Mallika Leuzinger (Fellow): Archival Imaginaries and the Politics of History in South Asia

Dr. Manju Edachira (Fellow): Touching the Contemporary: Anti-Caste Film Practice and its Affective Dimensions in India

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