Fellows Pre-phase

Fellows 2017-18:

TM 1:

Dr. Zarin Ahmad: Holy Cow and Qureshi Butchers. Negotiating Occupation, Sensitivity and Stigma in Colonial North India

Dr. Sebastian Pender: The Commemoration and Memorialisation of the “Indian Mutiny”, 1857-2007

TM 2:

Dr. Mareen Heying: Working Class Districts – spaces of subordination or self-determination? Activity areas of everyday life of the European working class around 1900

TM 4:

Dr. Rimi Tadu (with follow-up fellowship at MWK Erfurt): The Meaning Making State (nation-state): The History of State Experience among the Tanii Community of Arunachal Pradesh

TM 5:

Dr. Emilija Zabiliute: Women’s Health and Gender Equality: How Global Health is Refracted in Everyday Health Interventions

Dr. Radhika Kumar: Gender, Caste and Political Representation: The Case of Dalit Women panchayat Members in the State of Haryana

Fellows 2016-17:

TM 1:

Dr. William Carruthers: Grounding Independence: Archaeology, Nasser’s Egypt and the Making of the Decolonised World

Dr. Iman Kumar Mitra: Between Historicity and Contextuality. Bangiya Dhanabijnan Parishad and Vernacularisation of Economics in Early Twentieth Century Bengal

TM 2:

Dr. Naveen Chander: Displaced Destinies: Transformation of Working Class Lives in Contemporary Delhi

Dr. Rukmini Barua: Intimacy and Dispossession: Working Lives in the Margins of Delhi

TM 4:

Dr. Siddharth Sareen (with follow-up fellowship at MWK Erfurt): Governing the conflicted commons: Authorising resource access in the Indian tribal belt

Dr. Juhi Tyagi: Non-violence in violent movements: Impact on state governance

TM 5:

Dr. Elena Borghi (with follow-up fellowship at MWK Erfurt): Unaided by Men, They Will Discover their Won Strength. Women’s Associations and the formulation of new norms in late colonial India”(1917-1947)

Dr. Teresa Segura Garcia: Performing gender in princely educational spaces

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