Research themes

Through its innovative modular and network structure, ICAS:MP aims at generating sustainable research cooperation among leading humanities and social science scholars from Germany, India and other countries who investigate similar research problems rather than necessarily the same region. Scholarly exchange and joint exploration within ICAS:MP will be defined by a shared interest in examining the shifting boundaries, historically contingent contents, and intellectual lineages of the twentieth-century ‘political’. By working comparatively, ICAS:MP will highlight the overlapping yet distinctive trajectories of political processes that have unfolded over the globe.

The modules invite visiting senior and junior fellows to pursue research questions linked to the module topic. Module research activities include Fellows Lecture Series, regular Workshops and Conferences, and the development and execution of exploratory ‘Pilot Research’ projects to test the feasibility of new research questions and to explore new avenues of research collaboration.

ICAS:MP has three main interconnecting components which serve together as an International Centre of Advanced Studies and as an active and internationally visible research centre:

Firstly, we offer an extensive fellowship programme for internationally renowned senior and outstanding postdoctoral fellows
Secondly, in order to ensure that these fellows will be integrated into a vibrant research environment, a modular research structure has been developed
Thirdly, in order to guarantee coherence of ICAS:MP’s academic development and ensure its international visibility, an overarching Core Module has been established and is led by an Indian and German Directors, nominated in a rotating system.

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