In order to promote focused and original research, ICAS:MP consists of a Core Module and six Thematic Modules. The Core Module (CM) will function as the integrative centre of ICAS:MP, as a space for the reconstruction of historical entanglements and for the comparison of articulations of ‘the political’ across both regions and thematic fields. The Thematic Modules (TM) focus on the following key fields in which the political has taken shape in the last century:

•  TM1: History as a Political Category
•  TM2: Labour as a Political Category
•  TM3: Critiques and Renewals of Democracy
•  TM4: Normative Conflicts and Transformations
•  TM5: Performing Gender: Negotiating Space in Civil Society
•  Parent Module/PM: Poverty and Education

•   TM6: Political Economy of Growth and Distribution


The Thematic Modules are coordinated by the following colleagues:

TM1: Profs. Andreas Gestrich (GHIL) and Shail Mayaram (CSDS);

TM2: Profs. Ravi Ahuja (CeMIS) and  Rana Behal (Delhi University);

TM3: Profs. Srirupa Roy (CeMIS), Sanjay Srivastava (IEG/JNU), and Rupa Viswanath (CeMIS);

TM4: Profs. Martin Fuchs (Erfurt) and  Rajeev Bhargava (CSDS);

TM5: Prof. Janaki Nair (JNU), Prof. Elisabeth Schömbucher-Kusterer (Würzburg);

TM6: Profs. Sabyasachi Kar (IEG), Oliver Kessler (Erfurt), and Sebastian Vollmer (Goettingen)

PM: Prof. Andreas Gestrich (GHIL), Prof. Geetha Nambissan (JNU).