TM6 Political Economy

Political Economy and Growth and Distribution

Brief Outline:

The research agenda of TM 7 is to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to study the complex questions on the material conditions of human welfare, i.e., the growth and distribution of income and wealth, with a particular focus on the role of the ‘political’ underlying these phenomena.

This multi-disciplinary approach is brought together by the understanding that it is the nature of ‘institutions’ (for example economic institutions such as markets, legal institutions, financial institutions, as well as political institutions such as democracy, etc.) that determine socio-economic outcomes. This approach stresses that the nature of these institutions are themselves the outcome of complex economic, sociological, political and historical processes. Currently, the module focuses on four research themes. These are (i) Political Economy of Economic Transformation (ii) Political Economy of Financial Developments (iii) Political Economy of Corruption and (iv) Economic Development and Political Outcomes.


Up-coming  Workshops: Political Economy of Sub-national Regions and Specific Sectors of an Economy (January 2018, Kolkata)

Past Workshops: Inaugural Workshop   (5.10.2016), at IEG Delhi


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