ICAS:MP’s organisational structure and governance was set up and fine-tuned during the three years of its pre-phase. It is based on several bodies and positions observing parity and equal partnership on all levels. At the highest level, this includes the Joint Committee (JC) and the International Advisory Board (IAB). The JC represents all six partner institutions and is composed of the members of the respective German and Indian Executive Teams. The JC is supported by the IAB, which advises the German and Indian Director/s. With regard to the administration, the Bonn Office of the Max Weber Stiftung acts as the Consortium Coordinator (Verbundkoordinator) on the German side. ICAS:MP is headed by two Directors, one each from the side of the Indian and German consortium members. The German and Indian directors represent ICAS:MP jointly. They are supported by the team at the Delhi Office, and the admin teams at the Indian and German partner institutions. Further members of the ICAS:MP network are the Module Coordinators (2-3 persons per thematic module), all other Module Members, all senior and post-doctoral fellows, as well as the research assistants of the Thematic Modules and the Core Module.

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