Fellows 2022/2023

ICAS:MP Fellows in the Academic Year 2022/2023

TM 1:

Prof. Dr. Sonja Hegasy (Senior Fellow): Struggle over Mined Territory: Historical Contingency in the Aftermath of the Moroccan Truth and Reconciliation Instance (2003/04)

Dr. Baidik Bhattacharya (Senior Fellow): Translation without original, sovereignty without exception: Animal fables and the transformation of politics in colonial India

TM 2:

Prof. Gadi Algazi (Senior Fellow): The Camp Vanishes: A Microhistory of a Transit Camp in 1950s Israel

TM 3:

Dr. Pratiksha Baxi (TM3 & TM5 Senior Fellow): Women as Custodial Minorities: Patriarchy, Prisons and the Pandemic in India

Prof. Dr. Martin H. Geyer (Senior Fellow): States of Exception and States of Emergency: What We Can Learn from German History

TM 4:

Prof. Dr. Martin Gaenszle (Senior Fellow): Satyahangma Dharma: a new religion in the Singalila borderland (India/ Nepal)

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Krämer (Senior Fellow): Religious bond, political commitment, and the issue of secularity in Islam

Dr. Vanya Vaidehi Bhargav (Fellow): Indian Secularism: A Contested Concept

Dr. Anne-Kathrin Will (Fellow): Census categories at the intersection of normative order, representation and anti‐discrimination

TM 5:

Dr. Urmila Goel (Senior Fellow): Care, Migration, Gender. An analysis of the nurse recruitment from Kerala to West Germany and its consequences

TM 6:

Dr. Ruojin Zhang (Fellow): Risk Aversion, Behaviors and Well-Being of the Rural Households: Evidence and Political Implications from India

Dr. Arunima Deka (Fellow): Land, Resource and Politics: Looking at Contemporary Northeast India

TM 7:

Prof. Dr. Vinzenz Hediger (Senior Fellow): Configuring the Demos: Cinema, Democracy, and the “New World Order of Cultural Production”

Dr. Pallavi Paul (Fellow): From Ideology to the Fragment: Documentary Reimagined

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