Politics and Society in India and the Global South
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The series is a collaboration of SAGE and the M. S. Merian – R. Tagore International Centre of Advanced Studies ‘Metamorphoses of the Political’ (ICAS:MP). It aims to publish books that explore core issues that are of concern in modern globalized societies.

The ideas of ‘politics’ and the ‘political’ have become a key point of discussion in contemporary social science, philosophy and cultural history. The changing agencies of prime actors and objects of the political have ignited an intensive and interdisciplinary debate on the ‘Metamorphoses of the Political’. Today, ‘the political’ changes its form continuously, encompassing new fields of social practice.

Instead of the political system or politics in the narrow sense, this series will explore questions of what constitutes the ‘political’ in the contemporary environment. The volumes will concentrate on multiple areas of politicization: the role, forms and advances of civil society and social movements, the politicization of law and rights, the drive for democratization, including modal changes of democratic procedures, and the diversification of forms of governance regarding state and non-state actors. They will also cover forms of social and political exclusion and questions of recognition and justice. With respect to all these topics, the Indian subcontinent and the Global South feature as the major areas of contestation and as centre of scholarly debate.

The series will mainly feature edited volumes incorporating innovative social science research on the above-mentioned themes. These volumes will offer cross-disciplinary insights where the collaboration of many top-ranking scholars on a single topic will ensure state-of-the-field studies. These will be highly focused with contributing chapters that will be linked to the overarching theme of the respective volumes. A strong introduction will not only introduce the chapters and draw linkages between them but also bring new ideas and insights to the fore.

Series Editors

Forthcoming titles

  1. Shirin M Rai and Anand Prakash: Indian Debates on the International Left: Selected Writings of Lajpat Rai (2021)
  2. Anandita Bajpai: Cordial Cold War: Cultural Actors in India and the German Democratic Republic (2021)
  3. Kalpana Kannabiran, Florian Hoffmann and Bettina Hollstein: Discourses on Corruption: Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Perspectives (2021)
  4. Jan Lucassen and Radhika Seshan: Wageearners in India 1500-1900: Regional Approaches in an International Context (2021)
  5. Ravi Vasudevan: Media and the Constitution of the Political: South Asia and Beyond (2022)
  6. Siddharth Narrain: Acts of Media: Law and Media Technology in Contemporary India (2022)
  7. Antje Linkenbach and Vidhu Verma: State, Adivasis and Property Rights: Changing Norms of Justice (2022)
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