ICAS:MP has launched two book series in collaboration with two international academic publishers of the highest repute. We have an Occasional Paper series that helps to disseminate the research of our fellows and invite discussion and debate around the topic.

1. Cambridge University Press – ICAS:MP Series of Monographs:

Metamorphoses of the Political: Multidisciplinary Approaches

This series seeks to publish new books that both expand and de-centre current perspectives on politics and the ‘political’ in the contemporary world. It examines, from a wide array of disciplinary and methodological approaches, how the ‘political’ has been conceptualized, articulated and transformed in specific arenas of contestation during the ‘long twentieth century’. Though primarily located in India and the Global South, the series seeks to interrogate and contribute to wider debates about global processes and politics. It is in this sense that the series is imagined as one that is regionally focused but globally engaged, providing a context for interrogations of universalized theories of self, society and politics.

2. SAGE – ICAS:MP Series of Edited Volumes:

Politics and Society in India and the Global South

Following our mandate to make research accessible, this series is published in Open Access. It aims to publish mainly edited volumes that explore core issues that are of concern in modern globalised societies. These volumes will offer cross-disciplinary insights where the collaboration of many top-ranking scholars on a single topic ensure state-of-the-field studies. These will be highly focused with contributing chapters linked to the overarching theme of the respective volumes. A strong introduction not only introduces the chapters and draws linkages between them but also bring new ideas and insights to the fore.

3. ICAS:MP – Occasional Papers

These are peer-reviewed papers published on our website. The purpose is to disseminate the research of our fellows and invite discussion and debate around the topic.

For detailed information on any of the above series, including forthcoming books, submission process, guidelines etc., please get in touch with our publisher Debjani Mazumder (

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