Sushmita Pati: Properties of Rent: Community, Capital and Politics in Globalising Delhi (2022)

Sushmita Pati, National Law School of India University, Bangalore

About the book:

We live in cities whose borders have always been subject to expansion. What does such transformation of rural spaces mean for cities and vice versa? This book looks at the spatial transformation of villages brought int Delhi’s urban fray in the 1950s. as these villages transform physically, their residents, an agrarian-pastoralist community – the Jats – also transform into dabblers in real estate. A study of two villages – Munirka and Shapur Jat – both in the heart of bustling urban economies of Delhi, reveal that it is ‘rent’ that could define this suburbanisation. Bhaichara, once a form of land ownership in colonial times, transforms into an affective claim of belonging and managing urban property in the face of urbanisation. Properties of Rent is a study of how the vernacular form of capitalism and its various affects shape up in opposition to state, finance capital and the city in contemporary urban Delhi.

First Edition | March 2022 | 320 pages

978-1-316-51727-7 (Hb)

Series: Metamorphoses of the Political: Multidisciplinary Approaches

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