Terms & Conditions for Postdoctoral Fellowships

ICAS: MP Short-term Postdoctoral Fellowships  (2017/18)

Terms and Conditions

1. Tenure of fellowship: up to 7 months, subject to the availability of funds and the
requirements of the project (as specified by each Thematic Module). This is a full-time fellowship.

2. Follow-up fellowship at German Partner University or German Historical Institute London: Follow-up fellowships provided by some of the German partner institutions will be advertised at the appropriate time during 2017. ICAS:MP postdoc fellows who want to apply have to write a report of around 1500 words on the work done so far as well as provide a plan of work for the selected institution. The selection process is competitive.

3. Duties and obligations: The holder of the fellowship will pursue a postdoctoral research project and will be affiliated to any one of the thematic modules (TM) of ICAS:MP, to be decided upon by mutual agreement. Active interest in the academic programme of ICAS:MP is expected. Each fellow shall work closely with one PI of ICAS:MP whose research interests correspond most closely to those of the fellow concerned and who will provide academic support. A second member of ICAS:MP, whose work is also related to the research project of the fellow, should also make themselves available for discussion/consultation. Applicants have no legal claim to receive a grant. Grants shall only be awarded within the given budget.

4. Financial scope of the grant: Fellows will receive a basic grant of 1.500 € per month.
This includes all costs of medical expenses whether insurance contributions or other medical subsidies are concerned. Special needs/hardship allowances e. g. contribution to existing legally binding pension schemes, extra flights home in case of illness etc. have to be decided on a case to case basis. Fellows will receive a family allowance (partner 100 €, child 50 €). Accommodation in Delhi will be provided.

5. Travel subsidies: ICAS:MP will provide travel subsidies of 200 € per month for field
work, archival research and expenses for visiting conferences in India. Visa and overseas medical insurance costs will, as a rule, be eligible for reimbursement, subject to approval by the Deputy Director. Fellows will receive reimbursement for their round-trip airfare to New Delhi. Reimbursement will be based on actual costs incurred, upon production of original tickets, boarding pass etc. and a written claim for reimbursement. In accordance with the respective German state-level Travel Guidelines, the least expensive travel option has to be chosen.

6. Duration of funding: Depending upon the duration proposed in the application,
fellowships are awarded by the relevant independent selection committee of ICAS:MP for a period of four to seven months. Fellowships should be completed by May 2018.

7. Letter of conferment: The successful applicant will receive a letter of conferment which specifies the individual duration and financial scope of the fellowship.

8. Declaration of acceptance: An informal declaration of acceptance, including bank
account details (IBAN, BIC, District and/or State), should be forwarded immediately to
ICAS:MP. Notice of the funding becomes valid as soon as the signed declaration of
acceptance has been received.

9. Payment of fellowship allowances: Money from the funds authorized by the foundation will be transferred to the recipient’s bank account and must be used economically and efficiently. It may only be used for the direct and approved purpose.

10. Commencement of funding: The letter of conferment shall name the date as of which the fellowship will start. In general, this will comply with the details submitted by the applicant in their application. If, contrary to expectation, the applicant is unable to call up the fellowship on the agreed date, ICAS:MP must be notified. A new date for the commencement of the fellowship within the assigned period can then be arranged with the consent of the respective Module Coordinators.

11. Termination of funding: The fellowship shall end after the period of time affixed in the letter of conferment.

12. Non-performance of the guidelines / premature termination of the fellowship: If a  recipient fails to comply with the conditions or requirements detailed in these guidelines,  ICAS:MP hereby retains the right to terminate the funding prematurely and demand the  return of all payments hitherto made. ICAS:MP retains the right to terminate the fellowship prematurely at any time with due cause, in particular if
–  the eligibility requirements for the fellowship are no longer met;
–  the recipient gives in the application or afterwards false information on significant facts,
either wilfully or through negligence, or fails to disclose significant facts;
–  the recipient fails to inform ICAS:MP immediately and in writing of any changes to
circumstances which could affect the decision to award the grant, or which are pertinent to
the calculation of the grant.
On termination of funding by ICAS:MP, fellowships will no longer be paid. If false
information was given on significant facts, all money hitherto received shall be refunded
together with interest totalling 6% per annum. In all other cases, all money received after the occurrence of the reason for termination shall be refunded with the according interest. If the recipient is not responsible for the reason leading to termination, they shall not be liable to refund any grants received up until the termination of the funding by ICAS:MP.

13. End of Fellowship report: The fellow will produce a report on her/his research of the end of the fellowship (approx. 2500 words).

14. Publication and acknowledgment of support: The fellow has the obligation to
acknowledge the support of ICAS:MP in any publication arising from research undertaken within the scope of this fellowship. Further, ICAS:MP shall retain the right of first refusal over any article/book manuscript arising from this fellowship, should ICAS:MP launch its own publication series of any form. A copy of any article/monograph arising from research supported by ICAS:MP must be sent to ICAS:MP.

15. Contact details: The fellow is obliged to keep ICAS:MP informed of their contact
details, including address, telephone/mobile number and email and should inform ICAS:MP in case these change at any time during the course of the fellowship. This includes lengthy periods of archival or field work when away on long research work. It does not apply when the fellow is away on field work within India, if their home (room/flat etc.) has been retained. ICAS:MP has to be in a position to contact the fellow at any point of time.

16. Absence from place of research/university: the fellow is committed to keeping
ICAS:MP (Deputy Director) informed of any period of absence that exceeds five working
days in advance of such planned absence. This applies to absences both for research
purposes or for personal reasons. Failure to do so may adversely affect the conditions of  award of the fellowship.

17. Additional regulations: Recipients of a fellowship from ICAS:MP must adhere to the principles of good scientific practice issued by the Max Weber Foundation. These are based on the principles published by the German Research Foundation. Find more information here.
The letter of conferment from ICAS:MP and the Terms and Conditions for fellowships form part of the fellowship conferment. These shall be considered binding upon acceptance of the fellowship. ICAS:MP retains the right to change the Terms and Conditions in the interest of ICAS:MP where such amendments are not unreasonable for the recipient. Recipients shall be given due notice if any such changes are made. Changes shall be deemed accepted unless the recipient objects in writing within four weeks. ICAS:MP shall expressly notify the recipient of this implication.

18. Court of jurisdiction: Place of jurisdiction is Bonn. Unless there is a conflict of law,
German law shall apply.

19. Enquiry:

Dr. Elvira Graner, ICAS:MP Office New Delhi (graner@mwsIndia.org), Dr. Harald Rosenbach, Beatrice Rennhack – Max Weber Stiftung, Rheinallee 6, 53173 Bonn www.maxweberstiftung.de